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Women deserve happy endings too

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There are spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame is a massive, sprawling conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that has been brewing over the last decade and 22 movies. If nothing else, Endgame very much serves as a love letter Women deserve happy endings too an appreciation for the fans who have been there since the very beginning.

Many of our heroes, now reaching the endinys of their time and contracts with the MCU are given proper send-offs as they head into the great unknown, and also space.

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In between saving the world and saying goodbye to Tony, no one seems to have time to throw something together for her. But while great care and consideration went into his goodbye, Black Widow is barely even mentioned after her death in the middle of act two.

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Her death is mentioned by Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, one last time, as he wonders if she knows her sacrifice was worth it. In the end, it was. But maybe not so for viewers. hapyp

Every single movie that's featured the character presented us with was some slim chance she was going to die because she was a trained assassin who was only looking out for herself. Hot womenxxx old soul youthful demeanor early MCU movies set this up, and her line in The Avengers about having blood in her ledger and wanting to wipe it out Women deserve happy endings too been a continuing theme over the years.

She did a lot of bad stuff, and while not necessarily undoing it, she did manage to better herself.

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With Gamora gone, it can be argued that now Nebula is the fiercest woman in the galaxy but we rarely get to see that. Instead, she tends to sulk around in the shadow only taking when whatever is being discussed is relevant to Women deserve happy endings too. Lyons IL adult swingers is all about Iron Man and Captain America, but Nebula could at endingz have been set up as a major playing going forward, rather than just a supporting character.

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And now that Thanos is gone, any lingering feelings she has about her father are probably gone, too. That means Nebula has to deal with her problems off-screen, as the audience is already moving onto other things.

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Since Vision was not un-snapped since he died before the snap, this means that Scarlet Witch is still dealing with his loss. She seems to be living a quiet, peaceful life with the remaining Asgardians and then Thor gives her the keys to the kingdom.

Thor just kinda dumps it on her lap before leaving with the Guardians of the Galaxy for parts unknown. Elsewhere Petter Potts is going to struggle to move on without her partner and husband, Tony Stark, who leaves her behind with a young 5-year old daughter.

We need to see more than just them walking together. I am a pop culture writer oWmen editor, and I love covering oto things television and Women deserve happy endings too.

I'm an expert at binge-watching, and Tan from "Queer Eye" once told me that he Share to facebook Share to twitter Happt to linkedin. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in 'Avengers: Endgame' Marvel Studios. Rachel Paige Contributor.

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