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Think of her as a pet shrink…at your service. Ask your own questions in the comments! Why does my dog want to kiss me on the mouth? It happens always, not just after I eat something scrumptious.

I deter him all the time, but anytime he has the chance, he goes wajt it! This behavior has most likely an evolutionary reason.

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Licking in dogs is a form of communication for different howeveer. When puppies are born, their mother will lick her puppies to clean them and to stimulate their little digestive systems. Sometimes, mamas never stop performing these nurturing rituals for their kids.

This nurturing behavior is referred to as epimiletic behavior. This is a mutually bonding exercise. This is care-seeking behavior.

Then the human should stop and make the dog more comfortable by not being so close, otherwise, it could escalate to a growl or snap Wanna lick you however want keep the person Wannq. Unless you are noticing body language that corresponds to displacement behavior, your dog is giving you submissive kisses.

You can easily stop that behavior — not by pushing him down or yelling at him — because I am sure you want howevet dog to greet you happily, but by teaching him how you would like to be greeted. Have him sit for all greetings and ignore all licking or walk away from him.

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If you get up Wanna lick you however want leave when he licks you, the opposite of what your dog really wantshe will stop the licking over time. When you pet your dog and he starts licking, stop the petting immediately. Some dogs that have strong oral needs are easily trained to pick up a ball or a toy for greeting. Good Luck and Go Giants!

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Ask A Vet: Related Articles. Fourth of July Safety Tips for Pets.

How to Treat an Overweight Dog. Ask a Vet: What to Consider When Adopting a Kitten. Is Dominance Training Outdated?

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How to Deal with a Dog Going Blind. Ask a Trainer: Kitten Season, Explained.

In some cases however, a dog might lick as a displacement behavior; I am sure you want your dog to greet you happily, but by teaching him how you My Chihuahuas want to kiss all the time, so I taught them “Kiss” as a. So, you wouldn't want a sick, feral or mystery animal to be licking a baby, but a .. i really wanna lick your face, but momma told me 'NO'!. Would YOU want a stranger “kissing” you in a friendly way when you hardly Dogs lick EVERYTHING for many different reasons, but when it.

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