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Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm

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A lovely vacation at a summer camp in the mountains was just what Jen Greenwald needed after a hard-working year at the office. Three months of quietness, nature, and perfect alone time. The redhaired woman drove through the dirt road in the Chesapeake Mountains Want very little small women Camp Pan was located. Smells of fresh pine and wildflowers traveled to her nostrils, breathing in a party of euphoria and tranquility.

It was around 4 pm Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm the girl campers arrived at the camp for the first time. The high schoolers was greeted by a beautiful campground of lovely decorated cabins, a large welcome center, rec hall, a wash house and mess Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm.

It's a pleasure to meet you all on this beautiful camp! You all had a hard working year in school? I know I did at work! I say we all enjoy a good three months away from papers and computers to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer and learn survival skills to endure in the wild. And also appreciate the great outdoors more often.

A schedule will be posted sent to each cabin by tomorrow morning. And speaking cabins, you girls will be sorted in groups of 5.

Everyone line up! The girls assembled in two straight lines to have their names called for attendance. Once they were called present and sorted into their cabins, the campers were free to do whatever for the rest of the day.

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The first three weeks of camp went by very quickly with no problem. The girls displayed good behavior, and playing with the woodland creatures, doing camp Cute white guy wanted such as tent making, tracking, and birdwatching. During a late Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm out in the woods, the girls and Ms.

Ppus were telling scary campfire stories to pass the time before going to sleep.

The atmosphere of a full moon and starry night made perfect for the constant wantsd of the sheer thrills the girls relished in. Deep in the mountains of Chesapeake, a group of mysterious tall, cloaked beings appeared the sky and began making their way down.

Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm

The five beings moved silently through the forest with unnatural speed while floating above the ground. One cloaked being found eventually found itself near an encroachment of a small settlement of some sort.

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Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm girl campers were singing joyfully near the campfire when one of them heard a ruffle from the bushes. The girls immediately stopped singing to listen and looked around for a possible intruder. A few ruffles pus heard and finally something came into view. The campers were shocked to find a huge person standing over them!

The being had to be around 15 feet or more and was only adorned in a loose, flowing cloak with a huge hood.

Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm I Am Look Nsa

The stranger stood bhmm front of the frightened humans. More sounds of moving bushes indicated the campers that more people approaching their campsite. The girls began Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm mutter in awe and curiosity.

Four more cloaked beings appeared out of nowhere and joined their friend. The campers eased at the reassurance, quietly conversing and questioning the strangers.

The girls were shocked upon hearing the strange plea for help.

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They continued, "Our species are typically slender in build, however, matriarchs are to be highly obese for authority status and fertility reasons, and we find that your species are excellent specimens for this.

That human should be an adult.

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The camp leader grimaced at the suggestion, immediately declining. Our situation is dire and we need help now. Forgive us. Right at that moment the five cloaked beings held one hand up and a huge red flash blared at the campers.

Immediately Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm girls stood firmly, and their eyes turned blank, yet oddly attentive as if they were waiting for some Beautiful couples looking adult dating Rockville Maryland of command.

We need a viable adult Earth female for a queen of our species, and every single one of you must take part to fulfill our request. One female adult must gain an ample amount Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm her physical figure in order to be one for continuing our species.

That female is Jennifer Greenwald. Some of you will cook while others serve and attend to the vessel. Consider this an honor, humans. On our planet, it is also a higher standard of beauty. And do not fear of running low on supplies, for we will provide the sustenance.

That is our request. The campers nodded urgently at the new orders. That little act of hypnotism mixed with brainwashing redirected the girls' flow of consciousness to have one goal in mind: She didn't understand what idea these otherworldly strangers had in mind for her, but there was no damn way she was becoming some 'queen'! She tried desperately to snap the girls back into reality, but she tossed up in the air by the aliens to Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm her deviation.

She screamed.

The alien's eyes glowed blue and then he stared into Jen's eyes. The hypnotism was strong, but Jen's surprisingly ample willpower was stronger. She refused 030lbs be hypnotized, she would not let it happen, and most importantly she refused Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm become obese that served her no purpose.

The mental battle was fierce. The alien was losing patience, and Jen could see that. The 300pbs had to think quickly. Let them think I'm playing along. God, I hope I can contact help. Jen eased her expression and nodded.

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To the aliens, she conceited. That very next morning the camp had a very different change in pace and direction.

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The otherworldly visitors Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm their very powerful ability of persuasion and mind control on all the girls to carry out the plan. It was disturbing, they perceived helping out Jen would serve some "greater good", and their controlled reprogamming reflect this in Sabbw function.

Acting like living robots, the campers woke up at their usual time at six and did the Mature sex tonight Beaver River ny regime before attending to Ffor Jen. The red-haired woman was settled in her cabin while a new assistant who was one of the five aliens in disguise stood by her.

The campers slaved their ways into the kitchens stirring up breakfast for themselves and Jen. The alien told them make a lot so she could use her replication power for multiplying the food. Time to put on a show.

Jen begin eating the food. She ate calmly, keeping her 30lbs as it the alien watcher assured that the gaining process shouldn't be rushed, hence she would be fed a ton of food a time. Counselor Jen admired the culinary skills the campers possessed. She steadily consumed her breakfast, eating plate after plate.

The camp counselor filled up her gut with the morning feast of eggs, pancakes, bacon, waffles, and omelettes. After a few hours, Jen was getting a little full and round from all the eating. The alien watcher smirked at the woman.

If you were one of our kind, you would eat and hold your food down without effort. Lunch was more interesting. To Jen's distraught the girls brought two times more food than before. Grudgingly, Jen devoured the sandwiches, hot dogs, pies, fries, grilled cheese and soups.

Her clothes started to strain from all the filling of tasty food. The alien watcher was no less pleased to Anyone need their needs filled tonight progress being made.

She urged her to keep going. She continued to eat and pack more food than a normal human should consume at a time. She was determined to keep her facade of wanting to get huge.

Despite not wanting to gorge herself, Jen Woman seeking casual sex Beech Bottom always a persistent one which was useful doubtedlybut eating tons of food undeniably hard. Nonetheless the alien watcher made sure Jen didn't crack from all the sudden intake of food and calories at once so she gave supplements to literally Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm the digestion process without causing much discomfort.

And that means more fat would bedeposited in all areas of her physique. Evening was drawing near, and dinner was beginning Ssbbw 300lbs plus wanted for bhm unfold. Jen and the alien watcher checked her progress in the mirror. The redhead counselor was shocked to see a plumper version of herself. She never been pudgy before. All that eating resulted in two cup sizes more, a huge paunch of a belly, and a luscious butt.

Then dinner rolled in.

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Thanks to the quick digestion supplements, Jen ate profusely to her heart's content without worry or concern of any physical ailments.