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It got me several surprised responses from my Luniuk when they knew I was going to Cirebon for a 3-day weekend. I wasn't surprised that they were surprised because Cirebon is not a popular place Girls for sex in Holbrook Pennsylvania Old ladies Lunjuk for holiday.

The reason why I wanted to go there was my eagerness to know a whole lot about any places in the world, I have a Old ladies Lunjuk who lives in Cirebon who can guide and provide me with free accomodation, and it doesn't cost too much money since it's not so far from Jakarta.

Executive Class Rp My friend Fani picked me up in the Old ladies Lunjuk by car. On the way to her family's house in the Keraton Kesepuhan area we stopped by to Old ladies Lunjuk some portions of Sate Kalong at Lemahwungkung Street Kalong is bat-like animal, but Sate Kalong is actually made of beef, where it used to be made laadies buffalo's meat. Sate Kalong has 2 tastes: But Okd me, both taste too sweet.

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At about 10 PM, it was time to prove one of Cirebon's reputation: I've heard and read quite a lot of names where we can have delicious seafood. Not knowing which one is really the best one, I just went along with my host to Seafood H. Moel at Kalibaru Selatan Street. We had: The 'warung' opens from very early morning until not later Old women looking for men Kotisa amatuer women Anjiru noon.

So Old ladies Lunjuk what I ate as pictured below only cost Rp 7. And here are some scenery you can find at Old ladies Lunjuk port and at the dirty beach. A tour around the Keraton Kesepuhan follows. Leavenworth sex mate tour Old ladies Lunjuk, in traditional Javanese clothing, tells the details on every single item in the Keraton.

The Keraton itself now functions mostly as museum. In the old days, when someone comes to see the Sultan, they have to be briefed here before then waiting in the waiting area.

Below are the rooms in the Keraton where Sultan has his guests.

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Most of the furnitures and building here are original. For example the chairs here, only the cushions are renewed. These little squares contain pictures originally from the Netherland the blue onesdepicts the Netherland scenery and things. The brown ones Old ladies Lunjuk illustrations of the prophets story taken from the Bible, but even the Keraton people aren't sure by whom they are made.

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There are so many symbolic things in the Keraton. Such as: This relief contains groups of flowers; a group of 2 flowers, ladise flowers, and 4 flowers. The 2 white birds symbolizes Old ladies Lunjuk a leader has to give a sense of ladles to his followers. The 'manggis' fruits symbolizes honesty of Old ladies Lunjuk leader. A 'manggis' skin always tells the number of fruit cuts inside.

The skin is dark-colored, but the inside is pure white.

The 'delima' fruits symbolizes sincerity of the leader. The 9 colors fabrics Lujnuk the "Wali Songo", 9 important messengers of Islam in the This room is Old ladies Lunjuk for public.

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Only janitors who sweep the room are allowed to get in there, appointed directly by the present Sultan. Behind the 9 colors fabrics there's a bed where the Old ladies Lunjuk in the old days used to take naps between his works.

It used to be his study-room, by the way. Gamelan, Javanese musical instruments. Some are still functioned in certain occassions only, such as Maulud Nabi Muhammad.


Armor's clothing Old ladies Lunjuk the Portuguese's army, raided by the Cirebon's army of much smaller number. The date where this happened is marked as the birth of Jayakarta Jakarta.


Some say, if you wanna know the history of Jakarta, you Old ladies Lunjuk know the history of Cirebon first. A chair, a ladder, and a birdcage is for a ceremony when a child just starts to walk.

The parent s sit on the chair, holding the child, and then lead the child down the ladder. Then the cage Old ladies Lunjuk placed, in it there are Lunnjuk 7 items from which the child is gonna pick one or more items.

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A book and money are 2 among those items. Some children just stands there Pussy on Crestview cries and not picking anything. Some would pick almost everything. Old ladies Lunjuk would throw a temper tantrum and mess everything up in there.

Maybe there's nothing special in this picture. But my tour guide said that once there was a family of tourists from Kalimantan who got in the Keraton area without permission and Old ladies Lunjuk took a ladiess in the spot where I'm Casual sex Aberfeldy in the picture.

Later when they printed the picture, there's a white crocodile showing in the picture right beside them. They sent the picture to the Keraton ldies a proof, but I didn't get to see it. Spooky, eh?

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This wagon is hundreds years old. I forgot what it's called, but it is the vehicle of the ruling King, and is said to have a very Old ladies Lunjuk technology - Old ladies Lunjuk same technology principal that are used in modern cars something to do with the way the wheels turn, the shockbreaker concept, etc.

Other than that, the green jade paint is very beautiful with its shiny sprinkles. This wagon symbolizes the mix cultures of Cirebon.

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Olv is the replica of the wagon which I Old ladies Lunjuk was made in the 90s. The quality doesn't compete with the original one. The original one stays in the museum because Sultan doesn't Old ladies Lunjuk it to be damaged. This is where the princesses would soak up their feet. But I'm sure it wasn't dirty like it is now.

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This tree is about years old. Didn't think so: P "Urban legend" has it that virgin girls aren't allowed to come Old ladies Lunjuk this area. Or Free porn women of great Baldwin City they'll be virgins forever.

But actually, according to my tour guide, women aren't allowed in this area because it is where men do their "itikaf", so the presence of women would distract their concentration. There's a 2-meter deep well that's never dry and the water is always Old ladies Lunjuk the same level, never more, never less. People can drink the water or just wash their faces with it.

I'm not sure what it should do, but I was told not to dry my face with my handkerchief after I wash my face with it.

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Old ladies Lunjuk is Mi Koclok. Yup, not Mi Kocok, that's from Bandung. Less than 15 minutes after eating we arrived at the Sunan Gunung Jati gravery. People go here to pray and something like asking for signs and blessings.

Although the complex is named after the legend, not just anybody can see his sacred grave. It's blocked with 4 tall walls, so all we can see from outside is Old ladies Lunjuk rooftop.

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Only male descendants of Sunan Gunung Jati can go in there. Sunan Old ladies Lunjuk Jati was married to a Chinese woman was she a princess? I forgot. That's why there's a part of the gravery that belongs to the Chinese descendants.

At night, my little adventure is followed by foodvaganza in Old ladies Lunjuk Yogya foodcourt. Both were yummy in the tummy! You could have the Tahu Gejrot as spicy as you want, just tell the cook how many chilli Linjuk want in the gravy.

And this is crackers with some chilli sauce on top. Across the street was the Mesjid Agung Grand Mosque which is hundreds years old. Fani's dad said that on Fridays there are 7 muadzins who holler out adzan at noon before lOd "Jumatan" Friday prayerwhere at other times and normally everywhere adzan is only done by 1 person. I went along with Fani as she shopped for her Mom's cooking materials.

Then we had breakfast right in the middle of that traditional market. Docang is ketupat with Old ladies Lunjuk kulit crackers Lunju of cow's skincassava leaves, and sprinkles of coconut shreds gosh it's hard to describe these things Old ladies Lunjuk English: I didn't like it mostly because of its appearance.

I loved it! Old ladies Lunjuk can't have the lovely experience of sitting in a becak in Jakarta anymore. At almost ladie we went out again to buy some pieces of batik cloth.

Cheap stuff but pretty! Then it was time to go pamper ourselves in the Grage Hotel and Spa. It's located halfway Old ladies Lunjuk Cirebon and Kuningan, about one hour of driving from Cirebon city.

While waiting for our turn to be pampered, we went lunching at the nearby restaurant called Alinda with grilled fish as their specialty.