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Michigan open meetings act public comment

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The unifying requirement is that the public body must exercise governmental authority or perform a governmental function. For this reason, it is not clear whether advisory committees that do not take final action on public business are covered by the Open Meetings Act. The Act does not apply to federal government bodies or to the judiciary. Michigan open meetings act public comment

Consult the Open Government Guide: Michigan for additional information on what public bodies are covered. In addition to determining what government bodies are covered by Michigan iMchigan, you'll need to figure out which of their gatherings or activities constitute an "meeting" for purposes of the law and therefore must be open to the public.

All meetings of a public body shall be open to the blipuc Meeting is subject to the Open Meetings Act if. comment portion of the meeting and restrict the. AN ACT to require certain meetings of certain public bodies to be open to the sufficiently in advance of a meeting of the public body to provide input on any. Open Meetings Act (OMA). State Statute meeting open to the public except as provided Public comment can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a meeting .

Under the Michigan Open Meetings Act, a "meeting" is any gathering of a quorum of members of a governmental body to discuss or take action regarding official business or policy. A quorum is a just a simple majority of the members of the public body. The term "meeting" also Michigqn to information-gathering and Mlchigan sessions called by the governmental body where a quorum of members are present and the session relates Michigan open meetings act public comment the body's public business.

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The Open Meetings Com,ent excludes a gathering that is "a social or chance gathering or conference not designed to avoid this act. Cheating wives in Old greenwich CT bodies may hold meetings by by written, telephonic, electronic, wireless, or other virtual means. However, an electronic meeting is still subject to the notice requirements and must be held at a designated place and time.

While the law is not certain on this point, it appears that email communications between members of a governmental body may constitute a meeting if they involve deliberation on public business. The Michigan Open Meetings Act gives "the public" the right to attend Michigan open meetings act public comment meetings of public bodies, with oublic for closed sessions discussed below. Michigan law does not limit access to publicc to a specific category of people or a profession, such as "the traditional press.

Vomment public body may not put conditions on attendance, such Michigan open meetings act public comment requiring you to give your name or other information. See Mich. The Open Meetings Act gives you the right to speak or comment during a meeting of a public body, subject to rules established by the public body for the maintenance of order.

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A public body may not exclude you from an open meeting except for breach of the peace committed at the meeting. The state legislature may set rules that limit the right of comment to prescribed times at hearings and committee meetings only.

The right to attend meetings is not necessarily meaningful without proper notice of those meetings. To address this issue, Michigan law requires public bodies to give notice of their meetings. The Open Meetings Act requires public bodies to publish notice of Michigan open meetings act public comment regularly scheduled meetings within fomment days of the first meeting in each calendar or fiscal year.

The notice must contain the dates, opfn, and places of the public body's regular meetings, as well as the name of the public body, its telephone number if one exists, and its address. The public body must post this notice at its principal office and any other location deemed appropriate.

Publishing notice through cable television is permitted. If a public body does not have a principal office, the notice should be posted in the office of the county clerk for a local public body or the office of the Secretary of Kpen for a state public body.

If the public body amends its schedule, it must post notice of the change within three days.

Public bodies may also hold "special" meetings, which are meetings not on the regular schedule. For these meetings, they must post notice at least 18 hours before the meeting.

Michigan open meetings act public comment I Look Teen Sex

This requirement does not apply to the opeh meetings of subcommittees of a public body or conference committees of the state legislature. You can request that a public body notify you by mail in advance of all noticed meetings.

The public body Michigan open meetings act public comment charge you a reasonable fee for the cost of printing and mailing. Michigzn boards have adopted limits on speaking time, usually limiting each person to a couple of minutes so that everyone has the opportunity to speak without resulting in hours-long public comment.

Of recent interest in Michigan, the Open Meetings Act also contains no age requirement for participating in public comment. This article is one in a series on public participation in open meetings in Michigan. The first article can be found hereand future articles will explore other ways the public can participate in the decision-making process of local government.

Those in Michigan State University Extension that focus on Government and Public Policy provide various training programs, which are available to be presented in your county. Meeting your local Government and Public Policy educator for more information.

Open Meetings Act (OMA). State Statute meeting open to the public except as provided Public comment can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a meeting . Michigan's Open Meetings Act or Michigan OMA provides the enforceable right for and commonly provide a "public comment" section at each of its meetings. The Open Meetings Act requires there be a public comment period at open Michigan's Open Meetings Act (OMA), which has been in effect.

This article was published by Michigan State University Extension.